Who Should See an Audiologist?

Elderly Couple on Tablet

Everybody should appreciate the importance of a good audiologist, not least because healthy hearing plays such an important part in our daily lives. However, it’s not likely that you’ll book appointments on a very frequent basis.

So, who exactly should see an audiologist? Let’s take a look at five of the biggest candidates.

Anyone that’s noticed hearing health problems

Hearing health problems are unlike most physical health issues because other people cannot see them. Furthermore, it’s almost impossible to know how severe those issues are until you’ve had your hearing profile confirmed by an audiologist. If any of the common symptoms such as struggling to hear the TV or communicate in crowded spaces have surfaced, it’s vital that you see an audiologist ASAP. The sooner you act, the sooner you can find a solution to your problems.

Likewise, anyone that has suffered sudden hearing loss should book an appointment as a matter of emergency.

Anyone with tinnitus

After hearing loss, tinnitus is the most common issue related to healthy hearing. This is where you hear buzzing and whistles despite having no external source of sound. Whether it happens on a continuing basis or infrequently doesn’t matter, getting it checked out is essential. The audiologist can determine the underlying reason for hearing those sounds while also finding the best ways to reduce the impact and inconvenience. Even if it just means learning to cope with the problem.

Given that tinnitus can completely disrupt your lifestyle, suffering in silence for a single second longer would be a nightmare.

Concerned parents

While most people associate hearing problems with the elderly, they can actually impact anybody of any age. In fact, up to 15 percent of children are believed to have hearing problems. If your son or daughter has problems with their attention levels and general behavior, it might be linked to hearing loss. Getting your child checked and treated could be the solution that improves their life, which inevitably brings major benefits for mom and dad too.

Hearing issues aren’t the only reasons for poor behavior and low attention levels, but it’s certainly worth testing.

Hearing aids that are having problems with devices

Once you have had your hearing aids fit, keeping them in great condition becomes an ongoing battle. They are powerful yet delicate devices, which is why you must take special care. Even with the right storage and daily care, accidents can happen. Likewise, your hearing profile may deteriorate over time. In either situation, it’s imperative that you see an audiologist to ensure that your devices are designed to maintain the level of support and service that you deserve.

Frankly, if you’re going to wear hearing aids, it’s vital that they do the job. Anything less would be a waste.

People who haven’t been tested in years

It can be very difficult to notice gradual hearing loss, especially if you only have a mile to moderate case. Identifying the problem at the earliest stage possible ensures that you can prevent it from worsening or having a major impact on your life. As well as treatment and management advice, the audiologist may be able to provide tips on preventing further deterioration. So, if you’ve been longer than three years without a full hearing examination, you must rectify it soon.

Even if everything is perfectly normal, the peace of mind is an incredible reward that’s always worth having.