TALK Program

The key to success in hearing your best is not just the right hearing devices.  Also involved is the knowledge of how to communicate effectively with family, friends and co-workers and how we and they can create a better atmosphere for effective communication.  Our professionals at Peninsula Hearing have created a new program called TALK.  TALK stands for Talk, Adjust and Listen to Keep relationships connected and is available to all our patients but most especially our patients and their families new to wearing hearing devices.

The TALK program at Peninsula Hearing includes instructions on the following topics:

TALK – We learn the most effective way of talking so we may be understood.

ADJUST – We learn how to ask the kinds of questions that will create understanding, not frustration.  Also included is learning how to adjust your environment to help you hear and understand your best in difficult situations.

LISTEN – Learning how we listen is important for successful communication.  We learn to listen with our ear AND eyes.  Tips on lip reading and active listening are included.

KEEP – When we learn how to become more effective communicators, we keep our relationships connected, one of the keys to living a long and healthy life!

The TALK Program Services

  • We teach Clear Speech, a way of talking that helps even the most severely hearing impaired person understand their loved ones better.
  • We teach the right questions to ask when a misunderstanding has occurred.
  • We teach how to analyze your environment and make adjustments to maximize your ability to hear in noisy places.
  • We teach the importance of listening and how listening can affect our ability to hear.