Which is the Best Battery for Hearing Aids?

a hearing aid held in two hands

If you’ve recently begun to experience hearing loss, there is a chance you will have booked an appointment to see a reputable audiologist. During that session, the audiologist will take a look at your hearing loss and recommend treatments or products that can assist. It’s possible they might tell you to get a hearing aid, and that’s fantastic news because hearing aids can help you to recover some of your hearing loss. 

People who need to start using hearing aids will want to know as much as possible about the technology and how it works. One of the most important things to consider is the batteries you use to keep the hearing aid in working order. Today, we’re going to look at the different types of batteries and offer some information you can use. 

Where can I buy hearing aid batteries?

Your audiologist is the best person to ask about where you should purchase your hearing aid batteries. They will know the best suppliers, and they might even offer to get hold of the best items on your behalf. However, if you need to purchase them yourself, there are plenty of online retailers that offer excellent deals. 

If your audiologist says you need a hearing aid, you’ll need to search online and read reviews as soon as possible if you want to get the best batteries. 

Which batteries are best for my hearing aid?

There are four main sizes of battery you can use with hearing aids. Which you choose will depend on the hearing aid device your audiologist recommends. In most instances, you will need either size 13 batteries, size 312 batteries, size 10 batteries, or size 675 batteries, 

So long as you know the cell size required, you can begin to shop around and search online for the most popular brands. There are plenty of choices available, so either ask your audiologist for recommendations or read some reviews. 

How long will my hearing aid batteries last?

It’s possible the batteries for your new hearing aids can last for many weeks, but you still need to choose the best brand if you want the most use for your money. Audiologists say it’s possible to extend the life of hearing aid batteries by maintaining them properly and keeping the battery clean and dry. 

Use these tips for the best results:

  • Store the batteries at room temperature
  • Replace batteries when the amplification from your hearing aid diminishes
  • Don’t use drained batteries
  • Open the battery door overnight 
  • Always replace batteries with clean hands

How much do hearing aid batteries cost?

The price of hearing aid batteries will vary greatly depending on the size and brand you select. Audiologists say it makes sense to wait until they prescribe a hearing aid device before making any purchases. There are so many different batteries available that you can’t predict which you’ll require ahead of time. You need the hearing aid device first. 

In most instances, hearing aid batteries are not going to break the bank. You can get hold of them for only a few dollars, and they tend to last a long time. So, don’t worry too much about the price, and you can always search online if you want to get a feel for the figures ahead of time. 

Are hearing aid batteries safe?

So long as you store them in the correct manner and you don’t get them wet, your audiologist will tell you that hearing aid batteries are safe. They’re as safe as any other batteries on the market, and so there is no need for concern. Just be sure to follow all the advice from this page, and read the warning signs on the back of the product packaging to ensure you don’t encounter any problems. 

Now you know everything about hearing aid batteries; you should be in the perfect position to get the best products at the right time when you next visit an audiologist. Don’t worry if you’ve never spent time with an audiologist before. They are the people best placed to assess your hearing and provide you with the best long-term treatment solutions. Hearing aids are just one of the ways in which an audiologist could help. 

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