How to Treat a Temporary Hearing Loss in One Ear?

a man cupping a hand to his ear

Many people experience hearing loss in one or both ears at some point during their lives. Knowing the options on the table when it comes to dealing with the issue is the first step towards sorting it out. With that in mind, this article will highlight everything you need to do if you notice hearing loss in one of your ears. Use this information to make sure you get things sorted as soon as possible. You do not have to put up with a hearing loss!

If you get stuck and you need medical assistance right now, it makes sense to get in touch with a reputable audiologist. Those people have all the knowledge and skills to identify the cause of your hearing loss and take affirmative action. 

Why treat hearing loss in one ear?

Other than the fact it’s going to become rather annoying, it makes sense to treat hearing loss in one ear for a couple of reasons. Firstly, there is a chance it could be caused by an underlying condition if the hearing loss only affects one ear. So, you need to see an audiologist to make sure the hearing loss is not a symptom of something more serious. 

Alongside that, it’s vital to note that time is of the essence. In many instances, you need to treat hearing loss in one ear as quickly as possible. There is a chance it could become permanent, and that could lead to problems related to balance and perception. 

How does hearing loss occur in one ear?

There are a few different causes for hearing loss in one ear, and your audiologist will want to determine which applies in your circumstances. While there are lots of reasons hearing loss can occur in one ear, the most common include:

Loud sounds

If you’ve been exposed to extremely loud sounds, there is a chance your hearing could become damaged. Noise-induced hearing loss is a real issue, and it affects thousands of Americans every single year. Of course, you can avoid that happening by wearing ear protection when exposing yourself to loud noises. However, that isn’t always possible, and you don’t always expect the sounds. 

Blocked ear canals 

There is a chance you might experience hearing loss in one ear due to a block in the ear canals, according to audiologists. Blocks can happen for lots of different reasons, but some of the most common causes include:

  • Swimmer’s ear: If you love going for a swim, there is a chance your hearing loss could be due to water. You will feel itching and discomfort if that is the case. Thankfully, any audiologist worth their salt can correct that issue. 
  • Earwax: There are many reasons a build-up of earwax could occur at any time during your life. If that is the cause of your hearing loss in one ear, an audiologist can clear the blockage and rectify your hearing situation. 
  • Ear infection: Lastly, there is a chance you are experiencing hearing loss in one ear due to an infection. In most instances, you can clear the infection by taking antibiotics recommended by your chosen audiologist. 

How do audiologists diagnose hearing loss in one ear?

If you experience hearing loss in one ear, it’s essential that you consult an audiologist as soon as possible. Book an appointment, and then go along for evaluation. The audiologist will perform an assessment, take a look at your ear, and then ask some questions about your health and activities. From this information, the causes of your hearing loss should become clear, and the audiologist can then recommend treatment. 

There is a chance the audiologist will use some specialist tools and technology during your evaluation, but there is no need for concern. None of these implements will hurt you or cause any discomfort. 

You should now have a reasonable idea of what could cause hearing loss in one ear and what you need to do about it. There are many potential treatments, and the one best for you will depend on the nature of your hearing loss. If you have an infection, you’ll need antibiotics to clear it. If you have a build-up of wax, the audiologist will attempt to remove it for you. 

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