At Peninsula Hearing we are only happy when you are. So it’s particularly pleasing when we hear from our clients. 


My experience with Peninsula Hearing has been wonderful. The office is bright and welcoming. The staff is consistently cheerful and helpful.

Megan has been very thorough and understanding in explaining everything. And I love my new hearing devices!

It's absolutely true that you don't know what you are missing when hearing loss happens so gradually. I have been listening to some of my favorite music and actually hearing the bright notes again. I can actually understand a conversation in a noisy room without asking people to repeat themselves. And I can carry on a conversation in the car, in spite of the constant background noise.

All in all, I am very pleased with my experience with Peninsula Hearing.

Skip W

I have been a patient at Peninsula Hearing, Inc. for many years. Their professionalism and excellent service are incomparable. Thanks to their help, I can perform better in my work. I can enjoy life experiences at a level that was impossible for me prior to having my hearing devices. I recommend them highly.

Kim H

I knew I was losing my hearing, but put off the inevitable as long as I could. I received a card in the mail offering a two-week "test drive" to see if aids were for me. From the first 5 minutes, it was obvious to me that I really needed them. I was able to tinker with the tuning and try them out for a month before getting my set. I wear them every day and really appreciate being able to hear "life". Dr. Megan is very comforting and supportive. If you think you need hearing help, please visit Peninsula Hearing. You'll be glad you did


Like most of you I put off having my hearing checked. My appointment with Dr. Megan Nightingale was amazing very in- depth explains the process of testing being conducted. I’m beyond happy with my new hearing devices very comfortable, really enjoy having Bluetooth devices.

Joel W.

I have been very pleased and satisfied with the service you have provided me. I am still have the same make of hearing aids with the first one lating 7 years. I have moved to Portland Oregon and am with Kaiser Health Plan and they have the same hearing aids and I have had to replace them with the same kind and am still satisfied with your service to start me on the good path of hearing.

Donald Ashton

I had previously been examined by a different provider. My experience at Peninsula Hearing was totally different. Dr. Megan Nightingale spent a great deal more time with my examination and shared a lot of information with me. I have been completely pleased with my hearing devices and the services that Peninsula Hearing has provided. I particularly appreciated being cautioned about having to get used to the devices ("Don't give up and put them in your drawer!"). I have recommended your office to several others.

Marci T.

If you are a cranky old cuss like me with an annoying hearing loss that can be fixed with these techno-gadgets, then these folks can help you. Not only do they know what they are doing, but they are good people.

Bill V

Knowledgeable, kind, and efficient describe Peninsula Hearing. I've been helped to hear by Dr Nightingale and other audiologists, Barbara and the office staff for 25 years. They are always quick to service my aides, refill batteries and filters, test my hearing and share new information. Thank you!!


I've been a client of Peninsula Hearing for 11 years. I have had excellent service each time I enter the office Besides that, they have a candy dish. I've had my routine cleaning, periodic hearing tests and warranty work done. Never has there been a fee charged or any pressure to purchase new hearing aids. This is a very friendly office that is patient oriented. I highly recommend them.


My experience with Peninsula Hearing has been great.  Dr. Nightingale and everyone in the office are very porfessional and a pleasure to work with.  I am very satisifed with their service.  Thank you and more importantly, my family says thank you also.

Bruce L

Hearing loss is a big deal and getting the best help to remedy what you cannot hear is essential. I had been recommended by friends about the professional services offered by Peninsula Hearing and decided to find out what my hearing situation was. The testing revealed significant hearing loss needing immediate correction. I was provided with excellent recommendations on devices, was fitted and equipped in less than one weeks time. Elisa followed up to see how i was progressing after my first few days and this was very beneficial in understanding how i was responding to the equipment and new found hearing. I would recommend this firm to anyone in a heartbeat.

Garry W

I'm a disabled Vet with a hearing problem and I live in Sequim, WA. Upon approval by VA for Audiologist treatments for my Navy related hearing problem, I worked with TriWest representatives to locate an Audiologist willing to work with the Veteran's Choice Program - Not one Audiologist in Sequim would accept this VA Program. Had to go out of Sequim for treatments/hearing aids and this really disappointed me (pissed me off)at the time. This action worked out for the best in the long run. I ended up being accepted by Peninsula Hearing in Port Townsend and was treated by June Hensley, Audiologist. June was exceptional, well worth the 60 mile RT mileage to see her. My wife was permitted to be with me during tests, calibration and fitting. My new hearing aids are perfect! Now I do not have to keep saying "HUH" or "What did you say". I would highly recommend Peninsula Hearing and June Hensley for solving hearing problems.

Don J

Always has been excellent!!

Richard Dearsley

My experience with Peninsula Hearing was professionally handled by office staff and audiologist. They are friendly, professional, and not pushy. They just want to meet you hearing needs for your comfort.

James K

Very professional and caring people, extremely knowledgeable. The after care is incredible,  batteries, wax guards etc are provided at no cost for the life of the hearing aids! My audiologist is a gem! 

Pauline L

The service is friendly. Meagan takes time to explain the tests and the outcomes and what the alternatives are for correcting them. I have been going to her for 14? years now. It has been a good experience. Highly recommended.  

K. Buchanan


It has been 6 weeks since I was tested and fit for my 4th pair of hearing aids by Megan at Peninsula Hearing.  For the 3rd pair, I had unfortunately tried Costco where neither the hearing aids themselves nor the regular re-sets had resolved multitudes of issues of not being able to understand in noisy situations or even hearing/understanding individuals with whom I was in conversation.

I’d had them less than 2 years, with increasing frustration, when a friend recommended Peninsula Hearing.  With Megan’s expertise and far more varied tests than I had undergone during any of my prior experiences, I took her recommendation to change to the Opn hearing aids.  As I have told her, I feel “normal” or almost as I did when I had my full hearing.  My formerly high stress level of working hard to understand what people are saying has gone to zero.

It may be hard to believe that hearing instruments could have this kind of dramatic effect, but they have.  Hearing aids are not inexpensive, but it has a far greater cost in stress, overall health and quality of life by going with a hearing aid provider (such as Costco) who is not as well qualified, doesn't have the experience with instruments and which may not be the highest quality,

Judy F, Kingston

I was reluctant to admit I needed hearing aids, but when I kept having to ask my little grandson to repeat what he said, I knew it was time. Thanks to Peninsula Hearing, it was an easy transition back into the world of clear sound. Wearing hearing aids has greatly improved my quality of life. Thank you Elisa and Kathy for a positive experience. 

Carole M., Port Townsend