How to Make Hearing Aids More Comfortable

a hand holding a behind the ear hearing aid

When you experience hearing loss, you shouldn’t have to live with it for the rest of your life. Thanks to hearing aids and devices, there is no excuse. An audiologist can examine your ears and fit you with suitable hearing devices in a matter of minutes, eliminating the problem and enhancing your quality of life.

Still, hearing aids can be tough to get used to. Sometimes, new wearers will find them uncomfortable due to the strange sensation. Other times, the setup might be wrong, which is why they come across as bulky and ineffective.

The good news is, you are only a couple of tweaks away from a perfect fit. Follow the instructions below to improve the way your devices feel on your ears. With the following, the anxiety of wearing hearing aids will disappear in the blink of an eye!

Talk openly

You’ll need a handful of appointments with an audiologist, as well as a couple of follow-up meetings to evaluate the instruments’ effectiveness. Although you don’t want to appear ungrateful, there is nothing wrong with pointing out any discrepancies. If anything, it’s essential to the process as it will only take longer to fix problems if the audiologist doesn’t know they exist.

When they ask questions, you should answer them openly and honestly, providing as many details as possible. It’s worth saying even if you assume the remark is obvious or insignificant since you never know how your feedback will impact the process. 

It’s imperative that you attend every session, too, or else you lose the opportunity to improve the fit. Anyone who can’t make a scheduled appointment can call their audiologist and reschedule for another time or date. Better that than putting up with uncomfortable hearing aids for the next decade.

Start slow

The excitement will be palpable. After all, you have dealt with hearing loss for a while and can’t wait to correct the issue and put your lifestyle back on track. However, it’s important to note that you should crawl before you can run. What does this mean? It means you shouldn’t overuse them from the outset.

A fantastic tip is to wear them for an allotted period for the first couple of days. By getting used to them over two to three hours, the sensation will be less strange. Plus, your ears will strengthen and be able to hold the load for longer. Of course, the target is to work up to a point where you can wear them continuously.

Therefore, the stints should get longer as you progress. If you go backward, you’ll never reach a point where you can use them all day.

Switch your style

You’re allowed to disagree with the audiologist. Remember that you are the person wearing the devices, so you understand when they aren’t suitable. With that in mind, you can suggest switching to a different type of hearing aid if you believe the ones you have aren’t satisfactory or appropriate.

A prime example is opting for a behind-the-ear (BTE) or in-the-ear (ITE)s instrument over an in-the-canal device. As the latter suggests, it’s more invasive, and it can be tougher to get used to, especially if it’s distracting. BTE and ITE hearing aids are easier to spot, and they are often less sleek, yet their positioning makes them less conspicuous.

While the style does play its part, your comfort is the main priority. Therefore, it’s vital to strike the perfect balance, and you can do it by trying on different hearing aids and analyzing the fit.

Give it time

This isn’t a miracle cure. You can’t leave your device for one hour and expect everything to be better suddenly. Instead, you must try your best to get used to the sensation, especially if it’s new, so that you know whether the fit is unsuitable.

Only you can decide whether you have given it your best shot. But you will only harm your wellbeing if you rush into a decision because other hearing aids might not be effective, either. Patience is a virtue for a reason, and it certainly applies to anybody with hearing loss who wants to rectify the issue.

You should understand whether your instrument is a long-term solution after a month or two.

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